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Tikki Beetle barefoot shoes, Navy 20-25

Tikki Beetle barefoot shoes, Navy 20-25

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Tikki Beetle barefoot shoes (2023) are wonderful first shoes for a toddler. The shoes have a nice soft leather surface and a leather lining, and no chrome has been used in the coloring. The rubber sole is only 3mm thick and bends in every direction. The shoe is very light and flexible and has plenty of room for the toes. The shoe is easy to put on even a rounder foot, and it is easy for an adult to tighten the lace-up shoes on the child's foot so that they are snug and snug . If the child is already learning to tie his shoes, you can change the laces to quick locks.

Tikki's shoes combine high-quality materials, great design and a good price-quality ratio. Barefoot shoes enable the natural movement of the feet, as close as possible to walking with bare feet. The sole is flat (zero-drop), flexible and thin, there is plenty of room for the toes, the shoe has no arch supports or cushioning, and the shoes are made of flexible, soft materials.

Materials: Nubuck leather (eco friendly) without chrome. Rubber sole.

Made by hand in Romania. The sizes can vary by about 2 mm.

Size chart, check measured (inner length, inner width):

20: 13.0 / 6.1 cm

21: 13.7 / 6.3 cm

22: 14.4 / 6.5 cm

23: 15.0 / 6.7 cm

24: 15.7 / 6.9 cm

25: 16.4 / 7.1 cm

Last width: medium/wide


Tikki invests in responsible materials and the shoes are handmade in Romania. Tikki uses plant-dyed leather in the shoes, which is allergy-friendly and chrome-free. Vegetable dyeing binds the color a little weaker than chrome and can affect the color tones of the surface, but it minimizes the risk of allergies and makes the leather feel wonderfully pleasant. The shoe lining and insole are also safe, healthy and allergy-free for even the bare skin of a child's foot. Excellent barefoot feel, especially for first-timers! The rubber sole of Tikki shoes is very light, thin and flexible, giving maximum feeling of the platform. Tikki's shoes are suitable for normal, everyday use. Not recommended for very heavy wear, such as braking on a scooter.

Recommended shoes/barefoot shoes/light footwear:

The recommended shoes for children are flat-soled, thin-soled and flexible. The shoes can be twisted and bent with little force. The toebox is roomy, which means the last is shaped like a foot and the toes get to work, and the toe doesn't round or taper too early. Moving with light and flexible shoes is effortless and natural, and the child's feet get to strengthen and develop just like when moving with bare feet.

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