We are a Finnish online store and we want to sell high-quality, responsibly produced shoes in accordance with children's recommendations, made by professionals. We use Posti (Posti Group Oyj) to transport the shoes, which is a carbon-neutral transport company through emission compensation and belongs to the top 1% of the world's most responsible companies. See below the responsibility and values ​​of the shoe manufacturers we sell:

Be Lenka

Be Lenka's shoes are made professionally and by hand in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The shoes are made ethically, in safe working conditions (EU worker health and safety standards) and the workers are paid a fair wage. Be Lenka uses high-quality materials and European suppliers. Be Lenka aims for shoe production that is as environmentally friendly as possible, avoids overproduction and invests in quality and durable shoes.


Beda Barefoot / Boty Beda makes shoes from high-quality materials by hand in the Czech Republic. The materials are safe and healthy for children (Czech quality certificates). Material suppliers EU.


Bobux makes shoes for children and wants to protect the earth where children grow up! Bobux shoes are designed in New Zealand and expertly handcrafted in Indonesia. Bobux only uses ethical, professional shoe manufacturers. Employees are paid a fair salary and offered a healthy and safe working environment. More than 50% of the packaging materials are recycled. Bobux is strongly committed to finding solutions for a sustainable environment and pays attention to responsibility in shoe manufacturing, material selection and shipping.


Froddo shoes are made in Croatia from natural, safe certified European materials. The materials are responsibly produced and environmentally friendly, and they do not use, for example, chrome. Froddo uses only green energy in production, the packaging is made from recycled materials. The Froddo factory has received the ISO 9001 quality system certificate, which shows that the company operates in a customer-oriented and high-quality manner, and the ISO 14001 environmental certificate, which shows a responsible approach to environmental issues. The ECARF certificate indicates high-quality materials that have been tested as allergy-friendly, and the iVN quality standard is an indication of the responsibility of materials and production.


Jonap invests in shoe production with as little energy as possible and renewable energy. Materials are mainly purchased from the Czech Republic and Italy, and Jonap does not use materials produced in China, for example, because European suppliers have better environmental standards. The shoes are handmade in the Czech Republic.

It's hot

Kiuu makes very high-quality barefoot shoes. The shoes are handmade by trained shoemakers using sustainable production. No substances harmful to health or the environment are used in the production. Waste loss is kept as low as possible by investing in production efficiency. Kiuu uses only high-quality materials: merino wool, vegan fabrics, nappa leather and suede. The LUMO footwear selection includes Kiuu's vegan shoes, which means that the fabrics are guaranteed to contain no animal parts. Vegan materials are certified according to Oeko-Tex standard 100, they do not contain chemicals harmful to health. All Kiuu's synthetic materials are 50% recycled. The leather materials are from Italy. Kiuu aims to have as little environmental impact as possible.

Paper crane

Paperkrane is an Australian shoe company whose shoes are handmade in Vietnam. The factory has Australian roots and the entrepreneurs have ensured that the shoe factory is a fair workplace. The entrepreneurs themselves visit the factory several times a year. The aim is to minimize waste in Paperkrane's shoe manufacturing.


Tikki invests in responsible materials and the shoes are handmade in Romania. Tikki uses plant-dyed leather in the shoes, which is allergy-friendly and chrome-free. Vegetable dyeing binds the color a little weaker than chrome and can affect the color tones of the surface, but it minimizes the risk of allergies and makes the leather feel wonderfully pleasant. The shoe lining and insole are also safe, healthy and allergy-free for even the bare skin of a child's foot.