MOving naturally

Thank you for supporting a domestic small business! LUMO footwear was founded in 2021 and the entrepreneurs are Essi and Leena, expert and experienced physiotherapists. Our goal is to promote awareness and availability of good children's shoes from a health perspective. Our selection includes carefully selected shoes that we ourselves would recommend to customers and use on our children. There are shoes from several different brands, for different types of feet. Lovely light first shoes and shoes for going fast. We cherish craftsmanship and ethical shoe manufacturing.

As physiotherapists, we recommend children to move as much as possible with bare feet. However, it is not always possible and in different environments and in Finland's weather conditions, we need shoes to protect our children's feet. Flexible, thin-soled shoes that conform to the natural shape of the foot enable normal growth and development of the foot. With footwear choices, we can support the child's natural movement, so that the child can play squatting, running, climbing and jumping effortlessly even with shoes on. Barefoot shoes are a good example of this. LUMO footwear offers the best for growing and developing little feet.