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Affenzahn Mid Boot Leather Dreamer (tex) barefoot shoes, Plum Blue 31-33

Affenzahn Mid Boot Leather Dreamer (tex) barefoot shoes, Plum Blue 31-33

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Affenzahn Mid Boot Leather Dreamer is a stylish, sneaker-like mid-season shoe for slightly older children!

Material: Leather Working Group-certified cowhide, recycled bluesign®-certified polyester mesh
Sole: 70% synthetic rubber and 30% natural rubber
Insole: Bloom Foam ® material, the main material of which is organic seaweed.
Country of manufacture: Vietnam

The product has a water-resistant Affentex membrane.

The water-resistant and still breathable shoe hides a membrane with advanced technology in its upper, which keeps the feet dry even in wetter weather. The honeycomb tread of the flexible sole guarantees good grip.

A child's foot needs freedom to move naturally for normal development. When the shoe does not support the foot in a certain position or block movement paths, it offers the small muscles of the foot a chance to move. The natural shape of Affenzahn footwear also offers enough space for all toes.

Walking with bare feet exercises balance, strengthens the leg muscles and can prevent incorrect foot positions at an early stage. Moving on varied terrain, such as asphalt, forest and sand, provides activation for the foot.

The flexible sole of Affenzahn shoes is as thin as possible: healthy feet do not need additional padding. The shoes do not have a heel lift, which allows for a natural foot position. The sole pattern of the shoes is designed to provide enough grip on slippery surfaces.

Size chart:




The recommended opening allowance is 1.2cm and the maximum allowance for growth is 0.5cm. Measure the length of the child's foot and add about 1.5-1.7cm to the inside measurement of the shoes, if the shoes will be used immediately.

Fond Of Bags is a BlueSign partner, which is a guarantee that the products are produced responsibly, with respect for the environment and in fair working conditions. The standard prohibits the use of harmful substances at the beginning of the manufacturing process and standardizes environmentally friendly and safe production. This guarantees that the final textile product is responsibly produced and safe for the end user.

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