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Jonap Zula barefoot sandal, Gold 23, 25

Jonap Zula barefoot sandal, Gold 23, 25

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New for summer 2023!

The Jonap Zula barefoot sandal has a leather surface, a textile lining, a wonderfully soft insole and a thin and flat rubber sole. Light and flexible footwear for hot summer days! The back of the ankle is padded and feels comfortable on the foot. Classic design and tightening with a sticker. The inside of the sandal has an elastic band, so the shoe fits many tall feet. Jonap barefoot shoes are handmade in the Czech Republic from high-quality materials. Vibrant leather surface, beautiful golden shimmer.

Size chart (Inner length, width):

22: 13.8 / 6.3 cm

23: 14.6 / 6.4 cm

24: 15.2 / 6.5 cm

25: 15.8 / 6.6 cm

26: 16.5 / 6.7 cm

27: 17.2 / 6.8 cm

28: 18.0 / 7.0 cm

Lesti: Average. The middle strap has an elastic band and the top strap has a velcro fastening, so it fits many high foot tables.

Size selection: Measure the length of the child's foot. In sandal, the suitable inner length is 1-1.2 cm added to the length of the foot. If the foot falls between the sizes, we recommend choosing a smaller size.

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