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Jonap Bella barefoot shoes, Denim 22-30

Jonap Bella barefoot shoes, Denim 22-30

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Jonap Bella Denim 2023

A mid-season shoe for autumn and spring trips! The Bella model has a leather surface and a black tip reinforcement. The popular Jonap barefoot shoes are handmade in the Czech Republic from high-quality materials. The shoes have a flexible, light and durable rubber sole. As a material, leather is naturally water-repellent, and the property improves with moisture protection treatment.

Features: Leather surface (Italian velor leather), textile lining, removable and durable and comfortable memory foam insole , light and flexible rubber sole, no heel rise, Velcro fastening, standard barefoot last, stickers updated to be more durable than before

Country of manufacture: Czech Republic

Size chart (inner length / width):

22: 14.2 / 6.4 cm

23: 14.8 / 6.6 cm

24: 15.4 / 6.8 cm

25: 16.1 / 6.9 cm

26: 16.8 / 7.1 cm

27: 17.4 / 7.3 cm

28: 18.1 / 7.4 cm

29: 18.9 / 7.5 cm

30: 19.5 / 7.6 cm

Recommended shoes/barefoot shoes/light footwear:

The recommended shoes for children are flat-soled, thin-soled and flexible. The shoes can be twisted and bent with little force. The toebox is roomy, which means the last is shaped like a foot and the toes get to work, and the toe doesn't round or taper too early. Moving with light and flexible shoes is effortless and natural, and the child's feet get to strengthen and develop just like when moving with bare feet.

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