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Froddo Tex Winter barefoot shoes, Black 24-33

Froddo Tex Winter barefoot shoes, Black 24-33

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Froddo Tex Winter Boot is a high-top children's barefoot shoe for winter. The shoe has a textile surface with suede effects, a lamb's wool lining and a waterproof membrane. In the updated model, a foil film has been added to the sole to insulate the cold coming from the ground, and the outer sole is a more grippy Extra Grip sole than before, so the new winter model is better and warmer than last year. The last is suitable for an average foot.

Materials: Textile surface, suede leather with effects, waterproof film, velcro fastening, renewed three-layer wool and sheep hair thermal sole with foil film, renewed Extra Grip warm and durable rubber outsole.

Froddo's barefoot shoes have a flat, light and flexible sole that creates the feeling of walking barefoot without unnecessary supports. The tip of the shoe is wide, giving plenty of room for the toes. Barefoot shoes naturally strengthen the leg muscles. Froddo's shoes are responsibly made from safe materials. Origin of materials and shoe manufacturing EU.

SIZE CHART, inside length (measured with shoe size):

23: 15.0 cm

24: 15.8 cm

25: 16.5 cm

26: 17.2 cm

27: 17.9 cm

28: 18.6 cm

29: 19.3 cm

30: 20.0 cm

31: 20.6 cm

32: 21.2 cm

33: 21.9 cm

The width of the batten is average, the height is low.


"They were good even in the coldest weather, when you put on merino socks + wool socks"

"We use them as mid-season and wet weather shoes"

"These were our older child's favourites! Keeps the feet warm and suitable for even the coolest outings"


The shoes are made in Croatia from natural, safe certified European materials. The materials are responsibly produced and environmentally friendly, and they do not use, for example, chrome. Froddo is Croatia's leading shoe manufacturer and has been operating with professionalism and solid experience since 1946. The design of the shoes enables the normal, healthy development of children's feet, taking into account the child's age and the anatomy of the feet. Froddo manufactures shoes responsibly and uses only green energy in production, the packaging is made from recycled materials. The Froddo factory has received the ISO 9001 quality system certificate, which shows that the company operates in a customer-oriented and high-quality manner, and the ISO 14001 environmental certificate, which shows a responsible approach to environmental issues. Environmentally friendly quality standards such as ECARF, Leather Working Group and IVN are required from material suppliers. The ECARF certificate indicates high-quality materials that have been tested as allergy-friendly, the Leather Working Group is a global association of responsible leather production, and the IVN quality standard is an indication of the responsibility of materials and production.

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