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Be Lenka

Be Lenka Promenade barefoot sandals, black

Be Lenka Promenade barefoot sandals, black

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Adults' barefoot sandals Promenade

Beautiful and light barefoot sandals made of premium leather. Trendy design and several colors! Made by hand in the Czech Republic from quality materials. The 4mm thin and flexible sole stimulates the nerve endings of the foot and gives a wonderful feeling of the base. Suitable for an average foot. For low and narrow feet, the sandal may be too loose. Tightening in the strap running behind the heel.

Materials: Leather surface, leather lining, rubber sole

Size chart (Be Lenka), width / length:

36: 9.4 / 23.7 cm

37: 9.8 / 24.4 cm

38: 10.0 / 24.9 cm

39: 10.2 / 25.4 cm

40: 10.4 / 26.1 cm

41: 10.5 / 26.9 cm

42: 10.8 / 27.7 cm

43: 11.0 / 28.4 cm

Measure the length and width of the foot. Put your foot, e.g., against the back edge of the box, draw a line in front of the longest toe and to the widest part of the foot in the lateral direction. Be Lenka recommends adding 0.5-1.2 cm to the length of the foot in sandal models.

Be Lenka customer reviews 4.95 / 5 stars. Feedback and size tips to make it easier to choose the right size (free translation

"Comfortable, thin and incredibly flexible. Also the part between the toes felt nice"

"Perfect Sandals"

"My feet are 24.9cm long, 10cm wide and low/medium in height, I chose size 39"

At Ess from LUMO footwear, these sandals worked well last summer with 1.1cm to spare.

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