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Bobux Scamp first shoes, Candy 18

Bobux Scamp first shoes, Candy 18

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The Bobux Scamp ultralight and breathable vegan fabric sneaker is the perfect first shoe for a child! The shoe has a really flexible sole without a heel or designs. Good, even toe space. The tip reinforcement improves the duration of consumption. The elastic ankle part allows the shoes to be put on easily and quickly. Fits an average foot in width.

Materials: Cotton upper, EVA outsole, toe reinforcement. High-quality and non-toxic materials (EU REACH standards)

Size chart (inner length / width):

18: 11.5 / 5.2 cm

19: 12.2 / 5.4 cm

20: 12.9 / 5.6 cm

21: 13.5 / 5.8 cm

22: 14.2 / 6.0 cm

Last width: average

Recommended reserve 1-1.2cm. You don't need much room for growth for someone who has just learned to walk, Scamp can sit with a slipper on the foot.


"Really good first shoes. Fits well. Fully flexible shoe. Thanks to the reinforcement in the toe, the shoe has withstood the daily life of a rambunctious child outside, 10/10"

"Absolutely lovely and easy to put on, like slippers but shoes"

"Our child's foot is so sore that it gets caught on the footstool when putting it on"

"Light and easy first shoes for those who have learned to walk. Sometimes they come off too easily"

"Absolutely lovely! Just learned to walk, stays on well, is light and easy to put on!"


Bobux was founded in New Zealand in 1991 and has been manufacturing children's shoes for over 30 years in cooperation with experts in the development of children's feet. Bobux is already sold in more than 40 countries. The shoes are foot-shaped, flexible, breathable, durable and fit well. The shoes have no heel risers or molded soles, and the materials are of high quality and non-toxic. Really stylish children's shoes without compromising on quality! As proof of this, Bobux has won several international awards. Among other things, Bobux's first shoes and the Dimension collection have won Best Design Awards gold, and quality and brand have received special mention.

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