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Beda Barefoot barefoot shoes, Lentokone 20, 21

Beda Barefoot barefoot shoes, Lentokone 20, 21

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Beda Barefoot Airplane 2022

Children's barefoot shoes for summer play! Summer textile sneakers with a larger than average toe space ensure that the foot can function naturally.

Materials: Surface and lining of breathable textile fabric. Flat, flexible rubber sole. Removable textile insole.

Country of manufacture: Czech Republic

The suitable inside measurement of the shoe is 1.2 cm longer than the length of the child's foot, and there is room for growth of max. 0.5 cm.

Size chart (inside length / width, measured with Kiddy shoe size):

20: 12.4 cm / 6.3 cm

21: 13.0 cm / 6.4 cm

Last: Beda Barefoot sizes 20-24 are suitable for wide feet. Average height. The toebox, i.e. toe model, is best suited for a flat toe line and only slightly shorter ones.


"Really good! They look wide, but at least they fit our very narrow feet"

"Excellent value for money. The quality is really good, although relatively cheap. I will buy again"

"A plus for playful patterns"

"Good summer shoes, good value for money"

"Wonderful shoes! I think a slightly lower model than Bedla usually"

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