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Kiuu Trax TEX barefoot shoes, Black 33, 37

Kiuu Trax TEX barefoot shoes, Black 33, 37

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Kiuu TRAX is a vegan, waterproof barefoot shoe for the mid-season! This model has a wind and waterproof membrane that makes the shoes very weather resistant. Breathable materials ensure comfort and reflective elements on the sides increase safety when moving in the dark. The higher shaft protects the ankles and two stickers can be used to tighten the shoe to fit. Iltti is sewn up high to improve waterproofness.

The TRAX model is Kiuu's wider last and is suitable for an average foot. There is a lot of space in the front of the shoe so that the toes have 100% freedom to move as naturally as possible. A really light and flexible shoe with a grippy rubber sole and weatherproof materials is a great choice for the mid-season.

Materials: Vegan* textile surface and lining. Waterproof film. 3.5mm thin and durable rubber sole. No heel rise.

*Microfiber, polyester. 50% recycled material. It is important for Kiu to keep the environmental load as low as possible.

We open Kiuu pre-orders seasonally, ask the following customer Sizes 33 and 37 can be found immediately in stock!

Size chart (inner length/width, check-measured sizes 30-34):

28: 18.5 / 7.3 cm

29: 19.1 / 7.5 cm

30: 19.7 / 7.7 cm

31: 20.2 / 7.8 cm

32: 20.9 / 8.0 cm

33: 21.7 / 8.2 cm

34: 22.5 / 8.4 cm

35: 23.2 / 8.6 cm

36: 23.8 / 8.8 cm

37: 24.4 / 9.1 cm

38: 25.0 / 9.3 cm

The last is wide, the height is average. With the stickers, the ankle part can be tightened well and it gets tight

Kiuu is a German manufacturer of high-quality barefoot shoes. The shoes are made by hand, so there may be slight differences between the shoes.

Recommended shoes/barefoot shoes/light footwear:

The recommended shoes for children are flat-soled, thin-soled and flexible. The shoes can be twisted and bent with little force. The toebox is roomy, which means the last is shaped like a foot and the toes get to work, and the toe doesn't round or taper too early. Moving with light and flexible shoes is effortless and natural, and the child's feet get to strengthen and develop just like when moving with bare feet.

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