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Bobux Tahoe Arctic winter boots 32

Bobux Tahoe Arctic winter boots 32

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Bobux Tahoe Arctic is a high-quality leather winter shoe with a warm merino wool lining and a waterproof membrane. Soft sheep hair brings extra comfort to the upper part. Surface of water-repellent leather. Zipper fastening and adjustable arm circumference increase comfort and fit. Smooth rubber sole and plenty of room for the toes. A classically stylish winter shoe for everyday use!

Features: Water-repellent leather surface, merino wool lining, sheep hair, SplashTEX waterproof membrane, rubber sole (zero drop), elastic arm and zipper on the inside.

Bobux was founded in New Zealand in 1991 and has been manufacturing children's shoes for over 30 years in cooperation with experts in the development of children's feet. Bobux is already sold in more than 40 countries. The shoes are foot-shaped, flexible, breathable, durable and fit well. The shoes have no heel risers or molded soles, and the materials are of high quality and non-toxic. Really stylish children's shoes without compromising on quality! As proof of this, Bobux has won several international awards.

Size chart (inner length / width):

25: 16.5 / 6.4 cm

26: 17.3 / 6.5 cm

27: 18.0 / 6.7 cm

28: 18.7 / 6.8 cm

29: 19.3 / 6.9 cm

30: 20.0 / 7.1 cm

31: 20.6 / 7.2 cm

32: 21.4 / 7.3 cm

33: 22.0 / 7.5 cm

Last width: average

The recommended opening allowance is 1.2cm and the growth allowance is about 0.5cm

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