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Bobux Bo-buddies leather slippers 18-23

Bobux Bo-buddies leather slippers 18-23

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For little feet, Bobux's cute Bo-buddies animal character slippers for the club, kindergarten, baby gym, muscari, all new adventures! Very light and high-quality leather slippers. The animal figures face the user and have three-dimensional parts such as ears. The eyes, ears and whiskers of these funny animal faces are wonderful for a child to look at while sitting or lying down. Soft leather slippers protect against the cold and keep your feet clean when walking and taking your first steps. The slippers have an elastic ankle part and a firm sole. Leather slippers are also often used as children's first shoes outside in the summer. Wonderfully easy to wear!

Materials: Upper and sole made of soft, premium quality leather (EU REACH standard). A firm base. The materials are safe for children and non-toxic.

Size table EU (inner length / age):

18-19 (M): 12.5cm / 1yr

20-21 (L): 13.5cm / 1-2y (Sold Out)

22-23 (XL): 14.5cm / 2y (Dream unicorns)


Bobux was founded in New Zealand in 1991 and has been manufacturing children's shoes for over 30 years in cooperation with experts in the development of children's feet. Bobux is already sold in more than 40 countries. The shoes are foot-shaped, flexible, breathable, durable and fit well. The shoes have no heel risers or molded soles, and the materials are of high quality and non-toxic. Really stylish children's shoes without compromising on quality! As proof of this, Bobux has won several international awards. Among other things, Bobux's first shoes and the Dimension collection have won Best Design Awards gold, and quality and brand have received special mention.

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